Make the everyday extraordinary


. . . customized to fit your needs

. . . enhanced to fit your style

We are the choice for clientele seeking to build lifestyle spaces.   Indoor or out, home or office, every space deserves to have a personality that draws you in and invites you to stay.

There are never two spaces created alike 


An extension of your living space


Outdoor rooms have become an extension of  living space and allow you to enjoy the outdoors up close and personal.  Why not have a place to entertain or relax year round, day or night with outdoor kitchens, dining and conversational seating.  



back and front

Courtyards can be large or small, simple or complex, neutral or colorful.   They can be designed with an intimate feeling for smaller groups or large seating areas for entertaining on a grander scale.  Whatever your needs, any courtyard can be designed to fit your needs.



concrete or decking

Color and style are the foundation in any design.   Outdoor fabrics have become as diversified as interior fabrics; durable, colorful and soft.  These custom designed chairs show off the versatility and elegance of outdoor fabrics, not to mention they look great and are super comfortable.




A rooftop can be a difficult space to design.  The sun and heat can be unbearable and you do not want to damage the roofing materials. Attention to portable shading options and area rugs can make it cool and inviting and comfortable furniture create a retreat you never want to leave.

Side Yard or Petite Backyard

the ignored 

Size isn't everything!  A narrow space that is usually ignored and often times difficult to design around can be changed into a useful and inviting retreat.  Why not extend your yard even more and have another space to entertain or just get away. 

More than just four walls


Leading design firm bespoke for creativity, ingenuity and attention to detail in its approach to new construction or renovation. 




where your personality shines

Attention to your needs for every day living, plus the addition of necessary elements to enjoy entertaining family and friends can easily be done in style.   


need to have personality

Whether office, lobby or conference room, they are reflections of the company and the persona of the business.  Simple, inviting and comfortable make any work place a place you want to work!

Anything is possible


Design, Build, Remodel


3D Renderings

Bring an idea to life

3D rendering is an incredible tool.   It allows the client to truly visualize their new space.  It begins with inspiration, turns into a concept, then to realty.  The design is only limited by the imagination. 

Custom Outdoor Furniture

outdoor design as sophisticated as indoor

Color and style are the foundation in any design and outdoor fabrics have become as diversified as interior fabrics; durable, colorful and soft.   Show off your personality, versatility and elegance with the newest technology in outdoor fabrics.



portable and awesome

You can enjoy a portable cabana as an area for seating, dining or lounging.  A chandelier or rope lighting would be the perfect touch for evening entertaining.


for those special times in your life 

We work hand in hand with party and wedding planners to make your special day be the best it can be.  If you need help with the design or theme, let us help you.

Living it up in the heart of Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles is a mecca of versatility, creativity, art, sophistication and elegance.  With so much activity around, how can you not be inspired.