Portable, fun and a multitude of uses

Not only do they come in every size, shape and color, but you can enjoy using cabanas as a seating area, dining area or lounging.  Add a chandelier, lanterns or rope lighting for the perfect touch to enjoy an evening of entertaining.


Cabana's can be made out of virtually anything

wood, stainless, pvc, bamboo or electro-plated to be any color. they can also be made to fit any style, decor or size.

20130602_Trade 96_0221.jpg

Canan Cabana

built in flooring and flowing drapes

This cabana is designed with a built in floor so that it is not only portable, but you do not need to install posts or have building permits.  This has a retractable fabric roof and draperies on 3 sides to allow privacy, or you can have them open to enjoy the view. 

Trend Cabana

stainless steel frame with fixed drapery panels

This particular cabana can be designed with built as an independent cabana in which you add your own seating, or it can be designed with built in seating with an option to add an ottoman that fills in the center let area creating a giant daybed.  Fully customizable, chose your size and fabrics, and add a chandelier to make it unique to your space.

Mont Blanc White.jpg

Vista Cabana 

twin size mattress daybed 

A daybed with attitude.  This is a powder coated aluminum frame with an outdoor treated plywood base.   It has a 16 inch thick cushion for relaxing, angled back bolster pillow, and stationary drapery and roof panels. 

This is a fully customizable cabana.  You can chose your own size, color of powder coating for the frame, fabric or marine vinyl in hundreds of colors and prints for the cushion, bolster, drapery panels and of course the pillows.