An unused basement in a commercial building becomes an awesome conference room

Crest Theatre

Historic 1920's theatre is given new life

The Crest Theatre is an historic art deco theatre building built in the 1920's and was the crown jewel of Sacramento. Closed down after many years of faithful entertaining, the building was boarded up and ultimately deteriorating.  The historical preservation society intervened and the building was refurbished to its original glory.  The grand re-opening was celebrated with the annual movie festival and a series of weddings. 


Grand re-opening

The roaring 20's come back to life.

Hundreds attended the grand reopening which was celebrated in conjunction with the annual movie festival and a series of numerous weddings for those that wanted to have the pomp and circumstance surrounding them.  Depicting the look and feel of a bygone era and in keeping with the spirit of the building, the look, feel and elegance of the 20's was created using gold and silver, satin fabrics and lots of crystal.   The cake was designed to mimic the design of the buildings architecture including gold and silver silk flowers between the cake layers.  All accents and decorations completed the picture.