What Color Says About You

Ever Wonder What a Color You Like Says About You?

By Yvonne Wong | July 10, 2017 | Your Own Unique Decor |

Ever wonder what your favorite color reveals about your personality?  Find out by seeing what colors you love and what colors you hate.  Did you learn anything new about yourself and do you agree? I'd love to hear your answers.   

Medical studies have been conducted for many years in schools, prisons, commercial spaces, homes and just about anywhere that is necessary to control emotions.  Certain colors are soothing and keep you calm such as light greens and blues, while others make you excited or hungry and want to eat such as red and bright pink, yet others make you feel warm and secure such as yellow and orange.

The colors you chose to surround yourself with in your home and workplace is conducive to your overall state of mind.  When you love going home and find peace and calm, then you know your color choices are perfect for you.  If you are unsettled and can't relax, consider changing the colors you live with every day.  

What Color Says About You