What is the Most Popular Color in Your State ?

A new infographic created by BEHR reveals the trendiest paint hues in each part of the country.

By Yvonne Wong | July 12, 2017 | Your Own Unique Decor |

If you’re at a loss for what to paint your home, why not look to your surroundings? Behr analyzed color trends across the country to determine each state’s color preference, and found that that people tend to pick colors similar to others in their state. Looks like great minds (or at least, geographically proximate minds) really do think alike. 

To showcase the colors, Behr created an infographic showing the most popular color in each state. The results are truly varied, ranging from bright hues to more subdued neutrals—spoiler: Neutrals are preferred.

While neutrals are most heavily favored across all 50 states, there were some other color standouts. Varied shades of green—greenery, anyone?—are popular in states like Texas (“Park Picnic”) and Maine (“Winter Shamrock”).  

According to Behr color expert Erika Woelfel, each preferred color can be traced to certain characteristics unique to that state. “It’s no surprise that New York favors BEHR’s renter-friendly Linen White,” she said. “This neutral hue creates a blank canvas for colorful accents, while adding a touch of warmth to a small space.”  

Other standouts? Washington and Oregon’s darker greens, which Woelfel says reflect the nature of the states. “This pair of Pacific Northwest states epitomizes outdoor adventure, and with moody greens Naturalism and Conifer Green on their walls, residents’ interiors are reminiscent of the lush landscape,” she explains.  

Elsewhere, Washington D.C. favors a bright magenta hue; a choice that may seem surprising until you tie it to the District’s annual cherry blossoms. Woelfel says D.C.’s preferred shade, “Wild Berry,” is packed with positivity, passion, and energy.