Take a Peak at the 2018 Color Trends

The Color Trends for coming seasons are a bold mix between rebellious, subtle luxury and togetherness creating palettes of daring accents, grounded hues and details in silver and gold.

The Color Trends to come are a reaction to the trend drives of today. We will be seeing rebellion in the shape of vivid yellow, reds and blue accompanied by black.  Transforming from cold concrete to marble and details in silver and gold. The need for togetherness and the collective, is now becoming grounded with hues of brown, purple and green.

Assembling Color Trends for tomorrow might seem like guesswork, but really it is all about having a sense of today… To forecast a trend it is important to understand that trend drivers are a consequence of the stories that different parts of the world are telling. For the last few years the world has focused on Europe, the USA, the Middle East and China, however the current trend is focusing on Africa.

The colors of the New Africa are not a traditional color palette influenced by its natural resources; the beauty of its nature, the exotic flora and fauna, and the variation of cultures and people. But they are reflections of a heritage of success, luxury and wealth – in an African way. Mixing earthy shimmering hues reaching from dark reds, greens and dull oranges, to bamboo-influenced colors. Creating a tranquil palette full of life.

Another trend is luxurious minimalism.  It's a combination of subtle luxury created by stone effects, metallic finishes and details in silver and gold.

Luxurious Minimalism is, however, not a minimalism of simplicity. It is all about the details, adding luxury in a subtle way with details of marble and stone effects, gold, silver and metallic finishes.

The color palette for this trend is an interesting mix of cool grey and blue, along with warmer hues in copper and gold.

Both temporary housing situations and urban living have influenced our way of living. Contrary to what you might think, smaller living, temporary accommodation, dark spaces and urban surroundings have urged us to do our best with what we have. Influenced by Nordic design, our living has moved towards the more minimalistic, with its open spaces and natural colors, to create both a sense of space and light. Which actually creates a luxurious interior the makes us feel sophisticated and intellectual.