Outdoor Living Has Become A Lifestyle We Are Getting Used To

bringing the indoors out is not just a cliche 

Slowing it down, enjoying time with friends and family, or just wanting quiet time alone, has become very attractive to many of us.  Incorporating an outdoor space, courtyard, deck, loggia, or a patio into the design or renovation of a home is a great way to make this happen.


An outdoor space also adds to the value of your home.  It increases the livable square footage and gives you more options for use.  When building a new home, if it is possible to include different outdoor areas, do it!  Don't forget to add comfortable seating and outdoor kitchen and eating areas.

For a design to be successful, it also needs to be flexible and work with your existing lifestyle, yet encourage more interaction with the new environment itself.   When considering an outdoor space, we create one that allows for different living options. Adding glass partitions, automated screens, heating and/or cooling systems, sun shades, drapery or awnings will create a comfortable private space.