Is Your Present Decor Your Decor Style?

Did you ever realize how many design styles and decor "nicknames" there are?  

design style.jpg

With so many nicknames, how do you know what your style really is?


Perhaps you're saving for a complete makeover, living with a piece you spent way too much money for and can’t afford to get rid now,  don’t know how to make A STYLE  change or… I could go on and on!

To help you define what you really love and what you don’t, start by creating a couple of wish boards.  Using Pinterest is the best way to do this.  Create 2 boards and label them WHAT I LOVE and WHAT I’LL PASS! Spend some time each day adding to the boards. Only pin what you really, really totally love and drool over on the WHAT I LOVE board.  And only pin things that would not be caught dead in your house to the other.  

Do this for several weeks and see what you have. Find the common thread in each board. Spend time evaluating and write all your observations down. Yes, DO THIS! It will give you an idea of what you would love to live with… and hence, your style!!!!  Who knows, you may come up with you own "nickname" for your specific style. 


Just because your home might not be “perfect” doesn’t mean that you dislike everything! We can all get into that all-or-nothing pit!  Focus on what you do have that you love and find joy and inspiration in those pieces! And don’t forget to think “upcycle”! A great coat of paint or a wonderful fabric can transform home decor! Look at your stand-the-test-of-time decor and update it! You will be amazed at the difference!


Get to know basic decor styles and what makes them distinct. Here are just a few of the styles you probably here most often…

TRADITIONAL – think refined, familiar and comfortable. 

COUNTRY – traditional time-worn furnishings, warm, flea market, milk paint, ironstone, a feeling of comfort and home, NOT your mother’s or grandmother’s country! Think of small estate living.

CONTEMPORARY - sleek, clean lines and subdued colors, pop of color added, low to the ground furnishings, few extras. Think urban living.

FARMHOUSE-inspired by farmland and utility. Functional items, lots of galvanized metal, wood floors, white paneled walls, big kitchens, porches, rocking chairs. Think of StoneGable!

MODERN- minimal furniture, stark, uncluttered, white with black accents. Think George Jetson!

COASTAL- influence by the sea, airy rooms with light fabrics, whites and colors of the sea, nautical accents. Think beautiful homes on the ocean.

COTTAGE- furnishings that show a little wear, botanical prints, wrought iron beds, quilts, cozy feel, fresh white paint on planked walls, open windows. Think sheer curtains wafting on a light breeze!

INDUSTRIAL- raw unfinished look, lots of metal, exposed pipes and pipes in design, open shelving, unfinished look. Think warehouse.

ECLECTIC- a mix of styles and periods that work together because of a common element like color. Think mix and match!


Our styles, like most things, have evolved! Decor goes out of style every year!!! Yes! Some things you bought last year are already “out”! BUT DON’T FEAR CHANGE!!! Some things you are holding on to right now might be the very things that are choking your style.

Let go of furnishings and accents that are tired, you are tired of, or very very out of style… but only if you don't like it.  Upcycle it!

And now on the other hand, don’t get rid of wonderful things you love and are happy to live with even if it is out of style. If you love it… WHO CARES!!!

Here’s my decor secret… I choose classic big ticket items like sofas and chairs and beds in solid, neutral colors. These pieces will stand the test of time (or at least 10 years). I tend to buy trendy accent pieces that are very inexpensive to fill in my decor. They are easily replaced when I get tired of them. or want to change my overall color scheme.  

Don’t fear change… SMARTLY embrace it!


The bottom line is… live with what you love no matter what styles and trends dictate! It’s your home and should be YOUR STYLE!!!! Live in it… and love it!